At Home with Aldo Chaparro

10_22_13_AldoChaparro095 10_22_13_AldoChaparro127 10_22_13_AldoChaparro137 10_22_13_AldoChaparro109 10_22_13_AldoChaparro132 10_22_13_AldoChaparro134 10_22_13_AldoChaparro107 10_22_13_AldoChaparro138 10_22_13_AldoChaparro036 10_22_13_AldoChaparro153 10_22_13_AldoChaparro160 10_22_13_AldoChaparro180 10_22_13_AldoChaparro176 10_22_13_AldoChaparro150 10_22_13_AldoChaparro174 10_22_13_AldoChaparro213 10_22_13_AldoChaparro162 10_22_13_AldoChaparro147 10_22_13_AldoChaparro144 10_22_13_AldoChaparro142 10_22_13_AldoChaparro140 10_22_13_AldoChaparro102 10_22_13_AldoChaparro130 10_22_13_AldoChaparro228 10_22_13_AldoChaparro439 10_22_13_AldoChaparro441 10_22_13_AldoChaparro474 10_22_13_AldoChaparro411

Add a dash of eroticism, a bit of texture, lots of metal and a helping hand of bohemian flair and together you have summed up the home of artist Aldo Chaparro.  Known for his manipulated metal pieces and sexually charged works of art, he is one of the many faces of modern art today and currently a Mexico City native.  His home/studio is filled with personal touches and eclectic details allowing you a glimpse inside the mind of the artist.  Outside of currently wanting a pillow den on top of some amazing woven rug and a sudden need to rip the legs of a discarded bed side table and  turn it into a shelf, I’m currently rebooting my childhood pastime of rock collecting (only in larger scale) just so I can turn them into amazing gilded statues to sprinkle throughout my home.

Enjoy being inspired and Happy Saturday!!




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