11 Great Home Office Examples

Right now I’m at the dining room table instead of upstairs in my actual office because no matter how many times I scour the interwebs for inspiration, I still can’t figure out how to begin setting up the room. Maybe these gorgeous 11 examples will get me motivated enough to at least pick out a […]

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Mix & Match Dining

I spent all day Saturday interior shopping with a few special ladies in my life and now redecorating is at the forefront of my shopping mind. Of course this led me back to the internet and during last night’s online trolling I came across this amazing guide to mix & matching dining rooms chairs. The […]

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At Home with Aldo Chaparro

Add a dash of eroticism, a bit of texture, lots of metal and a helping hand of bohemian flair and together you have summed up the home of artist Aldo Chaparro.  Known for his manipulated metal pieces and sexually charged works of art, he is one of the many faces of modern art today and […]

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Table Flair

  Although I happen to be sans a kitchen table right now, I do have a certain appreciation for the linens used to dress them up every now and again.  I’m not a fan of your standard Lenox or Waterford variety and please don’t offer me anything with more punchy florals than a garden.  With […]

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