Where The Sun Lives

rachelcastle-herovertical rachelcastle-loungeroom rachelcastle-davidband rachelcastle-kitchenartworks rachelcastle-loungeroom2 rachelcastle-hallwayvertical rachelcastle-hallwaydetails rachelcastle-bedhero rachelcastle-bedroom rachelcastle-Cleo2 Rachelcastle-Cleo1 RachelCastle-cleodetails rachelcastle-guestroom rachel3 rachelcastle-workroomdetails rachelcastle-workroomwide

Welcome to Rachel Castle’s living embodiment of her namesake brand.  If you are somewhat out of the loop on the who part, she is the driving force behind the brand Castle which has been offering whimsical works of handmade art since 2008 and modern, chic bed linens.  And if you are still wondering why exactly you should take notice my only response would be where else will you go when you are missing that pop of excitement for your home or office.

So now that you’re clued in, I hope my first statement makes sense as you peruse the detailed shots of her Sydney, Australia abode.  There is so much in each picture, it may take a while to notice it all but the make sure you take away the full blown intrusion of color and eclecticism.  From the pastel tassel garland to the modern headboard featuring a hanging shirt to the fun tissue paper poms and paper lanterns.  In every corner the light is welcome and you can’t help but think that the sun wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Take another look through the apartment tour and don’t forget to head to her retail site HERE for some drool worthy window shopping.  Christmas is around the corner and I’m pretty sure there’s a few people still looking for the perfect gift to surprise you with.  This would be the perfect opportunity for a Pinterest XMAS Wishlist board.


(all images courtesy of The Design Files)

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