A Wedding By The Water

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….and finally a few snapshots from our wedding.  After getting a engaged my life became consumed with planning.  Funny thing was, at the end of the day we really just wanted a nice day with family and friends, good food, lots of wine and an incredible view.  Thankfully we found exactly what we were looking for. The day was perfectly imperfect and filled with little moments never forgotten. Like getting dressed inside the bathroom at Castle Hill with my Mom when she got the call from my cousin and the first thing she asked was “Are you near Megan…you are……I need you to go into the other room for this.”  I soon after found out that the fridge we used to store some of the arrangements at another hotel was tampered with and the centerpieces and bridesmaid bouquets we made the night before were partially frozen.  Just one of the many hysterical moments of the day that enriched the experience.

A huge shot out to my mom and bridesmaids who dealt with several versions of myself leading up to the wedding.  They were perfect in how they handled my emotions, thoughts and rants.  Tara at Castle Hill was amazing and if you ever have an event there make sure you ask for River. She was the best hostess and when so many hiccups were presenting themselves before the wedding she came over and gave me a hug letting me know it will all work out. Another huge thank you definitely has to go out to Steve the photographer showed up to one chaotically orchestrated day from the room switch with horrible lighting to the haphazard schedule of events being thrown out the window.

As for the look, my only need was to be as comfortable in my dress as I am in jeans and to be able to chase after a stray cat or rabbit if needed but not look so much like a crazy lady.  After much debate and many, many magazines I chose to start my dress adventure at Everthine because they catered to the kind of bride I wanted to be.  After about 10 dresses I was introduced to Sarah Seven and it was love at first sight.  This dress had the playfulness and sexiness that spoke to my personality and the ease of wear I desperately needed.  I kept everything else pretty simple in terms of accessories which was surprising.  After I came across the cat ears everything else just fell into place but I made sure to wear my favorite bracelet, a handmade gift from my mom made by her sister.  My girls actually wore dresses they would wear again and together we looked amazing. My hubby’s look was a perfect representation of his style and it all came together amazingly.  He started with the shoes knowing he wanted something like Steve Buscemi’s in Boardwalk Empire.  From there he went to his favorite brand for the pants, Double RL and for added color he went with a vest from Perry Ellis, a floral print tie, and a Gant pocket square. While out shopping one day my best friend and I came across these shell trinket boxes that I thought would be perfect to carry the rings in.  I loved how my hubby fashioned his like a pocket watch  and another show stopping detail was his belt buckle….a perfect compliment to the seaside nuptials.

All in all it was a lovely day…

First Dress: THISTLEPEARL from Urban Outfitters

Wedding Dress: Sarah Seven “Romanced” from Everthine Bridal

Bridal Accessories: Gold Cat Ears – Francesca’s, Necklace/Shoes – H&M

Grooms Attire: Double RL, Perry Ellis

Bridesmaid Dresses: Francesca’s, Ciao Bella

Bouquets & Boutonniere: DIY (flowers bought from Flowers On The Green, Stop & Shop and a lovely street vendor in Madison, CT )

Venue: Castle Hill Inn Newport, RI

Photography: Blazo Photo


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