Just Add Zellige

Reminiscent of the ever-favorite subway tile, Zellige is the extremely cooler ancestor rich in Moroccan history and ready to add a heavy dose of modern craftsmanship to any home. 

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You may not like it, but pom-poms aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Whether sporting bright colors or dipped in modern neutrals, this epitome of texture is a great adornment option and the perfect way to add some character.  The biggest wins about the pom-pom is you don’t have to spend a lot of money to play, you […]

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You Had Me At Rain Forest 

Right about now I’m looking for a work oasis. Somewhere that’s inspiring, offers the ability to actually get shit done with little distraction but is comfortable and offers some amenities that feel like home. Now, I do not reside in a tropical location and my apartment is not filled with mid century modern furniture, but […]

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At Home In Via Tortona

It’s pretty amazing how without even realizing it, your habits seamlessly coincide with the rest of the nation. Right now retailers are facing a crisis as millions of Americans opt not to splurge regularly on new threads but on experiences and comforts. Traveling is big with my fellow millenial generation so much so that they […]

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DIY Yarn Art

First and foremost Happy New Year everyone!! With the new year comes a need to refocus and what better place to start than you abode. We’ve been up to a little redecorating of our own here at home and I’ve finally started collecting artwork for my gallery wall/creativity nook. As the furniture was moved and […]

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Haymes 2015 Color Forecast

With the new year soon to be upon us in less than 30 days, I figured it couldn’t help to put out a little color inspiration for the home. The following color pallettes are from Haymes,  an Australian manufacturer and distributor  of painting products. Divided into separate themes, the forecasted pallettes include “New Skin” and […]

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Rags To Riches

Being a crafter myself, there is something extremely beautiful about using discarded fabric remnants and such to create usable works of art. Especially after my last encounter with yarn I have found myself left with not only a great wall hanging but a shopping bag of colored strands. In Morocco however that bag would not […]

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The Creativity Nook

It’s Monday morning and the first day of December which means you really only have 23 day left to get those presents purchased and wrapped, both tasks of which are no easy feat. Luckily I’ve been on the prowl for the last 5 months for some of the best DIY Gifts which are not only […]

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