Just Add Zellige

Reminiscent of the ever-favorite subway tile, Zellige is the extremely cooler ancestor rich in Moroccan history and ready to add a heavy dose of modern craftsmanship to any home. 

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So…About Your Floors

For the last few months I have found myself binge watching home renovation shows regularly. I have my favorites, but just about any of them will do when it comes to background apartment noise. I love seeing the transformation at the end, I feel the range of emotions that the characters go through as their […]

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The Frontiersmen – Paul & Joe

Just when you thought your summer activities were all planned out, vacations set and paid for, and your savings plan perfected for all those amazing Fall pieces you plan on buying, Parisian based fashion brand Paul & Joe had to go and fuck things up.     Partnered with textiles company Madura, the two have […]

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Graphic Living

Through my eyes the world is anything but black and white but for some reason the graphic color combination resonates within me so deeply.  I love pairing the two polar opposites in fashion so why not at home?  Surprisingly the combination is one of this years top home decor trends. Despite the two usually conjuring […]

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Cat Mania

  No matter who you are and where you hail from, you know someone who would be considered at best BCCL…better known as Borderline Crazy Cat Lady.  It may be you, your mom, your sister-in-law or a coworker but nonetheless you know them.  Well apparently the trend gods have also become affected by this disorder […]

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Meet Me In North Africa

While on vaca, my best friend and I spent some much needed time together after what felt like a lifetime of not hanging out.  Somehow we ended up at HomeGoods and from what I can see one obvious trend in home decor right now is North African inspired accents.  From the patina metals to the […]

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