Designer Trash

VALLEY OF SECRET VALUES THRASHBIRD LIME, OREGON   “The  ‘Thrashbird’s Valley of Secret Values‘ project is part cautionary tale, part beautification project, and very introspective for me personally.  It highlights my own personal struggle with ego and grandiosity,  hence the scale of it.  We grapple for status and purpose in society.  Consuming possessions to showcase how […]

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Body Paint

As a fledgling artist in elementary school, I once got in trouble for practicing my art on a willing participant’s face.  Face painting was not allowed I was told nor was painting on the body.  Well, take that Mrs. Wilson,  I guess it really is an art form.  Photographer Marcin Kempski and Makeup Artist Aneta Kostrzewa, […]

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Breath Of Fresh Air

Baby’s breath is as synonymous to weddings as the words “I Do”. The virginal weed has managed to become the go to filler with hydrangeas in Pinterest worthy bouquets and the perfect pairing with tinted/clear/spray painted Ball mason jars. And if I have to be completely honest….I’m about as bored with the plant as I […]

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You may not like it, but pom-poms aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Whether sporting bright colors or dipped in modern neutrals, this epitome of texture is a great adornment option and the perfect way to add some character.  The biggest wins about the pom-pom is you don’t have to spend a lot of money to play, you […]

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