Rags To Riches

Being a crafter myself, there is something extremely beautiful about using discarded fabric remnants and such to create usable works of art. Especially after my last encounter with yarn I have found myself left with not only a great wall hanging but a shopping bag of colored strands. In Morocco however that bag would not […]

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DIY Jewelry Wardrobe Unit

This weekend take some time and get your accessories organized. With the weather getting warmer and the layers shedding, your jewelry will soon be front and center of every outfit.  Don’t add to the already lengthy time it takes to get ready and make your life easier with this awesome DIY from Becky Crosby of […]

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Let It Hang – DIY Inspiration

For those of us that dwell in small spaces, the pendant light concept was literally a life saving idea.  Sometimes space doesn’t exist on the floor in our designated reading nook (better known as the 4 x 4 space between the bed and the window). Sometimes contractors offer up built in lighting but more than […]

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