A Classic Reinvented 

I’m a whiskey girl all the way and my favorite drink of all time is the Manhattan. First and foremost, it’s cost effective since it’s primarily alcohol. Second, it’s makes me sip rather than chug and that’s always a plus. Now the classic recipe does not need any modifications but when I stumbled across this version I […]

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10 Petillant Naturel Wines Under $30 

If you love a good hunt and limited quantities then you should know about Pet-Nat. Considered champagne’s hipper little sis…..think Saturday to Kate Spade or Free People to Anthropologie…..Petillant Natural (which translates to naturally sparkling) is a naturally  occurring sparkling wine that involves less steps than the more pretentious bubbly. Although the process itself is […]

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On The Menu – Thanksgiving 2014

Happy Thanksgiving  and I hope everyone is gearing up for the food coma that should  occur at the end of this day. I am cooking again this year and am pretty excited about the menu line up whuch includes -Turkey Tenderloin with a Homemade Cranberry  Glaze -Roasted  Garlic Parmesan Mushrooms -Honey Glazed  Baby Carrots -Candy […]

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Hello Spring

It’s been a little over a year since my first introduction to bison grass vodka but first impressions are everything and my bartender sold it well.  The fragrant aroma and smoothness of the sip still lingers and I knew I would gravitate toward any drink on the menu with it as an ingredient.  Once banned […]

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Seasonal Simplicity

Once upon a time I thought the Long Island was the easiest drink to order at a bar.  It’s a popular choice, features enough liquor to keep you going for a while and has to be one of the first drinks you learn at mixology school or on the job.  After several ( and I […]

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Champagne Celebrations

The year is already off to a great start for me.  Not only am I still on my newlywed high but three amazing people close to me are newly engaged and the wedding preparations are in full swing. One engagement in particular happened over the holidays and I am finally getting a chance to celebrate […]

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