I’m not sure statistically how many times a person changes their mind about what they want out of life, who they want to be or what they want to do but I’ve changed my mind several (more like 100) times. I could never help thinking about the endless possibilities from running a Fortune 500 to living off the grid in Hawaii. How do you choose? How do you determine such finality.

Well one thing is for certain, you’re not going to find that answer here. I can be completely certain and annoyingly indecisive. I started life wanting to be an OBGYN because I thought nothing could compare to helping women through the process of bringing new life into the world and ended up finding some happiness as a retail slave via Visual Merchandising. Something about working in an industry built on want and navigating the waters of what makes a person buy or not buy is pretty fucking interesting to me. Working in an environment so full of stimuli however is as intoxicating as it unbearable. 

Which brings us to the interwebs, style and my foray into blogging. I decided to go to school for Fashion Merchandising because I realized I’ve always been a consumer. I’ve always reacted to the messages in magazines to buy. I’ve always wanted, I’ve always needed and at the age of 15 when I started cleaning hotel rooms I finally had the means to have. I loved fashion. I loved the transformation that occurred when I put something new on. I loved the response to wearing something, trying something different or not trying something different (let’s be honest, in high school it really was about conformity). I loved the mall so much when i realized they put apartments on top of them i wanted in. And then I went to college and was let in on the secret. Cue that infamous scene from The Devil Wears Prada about the color of a sweater. The business of fashion didn’t change my intrigue, I still wanted in, but it did change my consumption habits, my motives and it did change what slices of the big pie I would shoot for. 

Being a visual merchandiser was a perfect fit. Crafting displays from scratch, playing dress up with mannequins, researching fashion trends and tracking customer behaviors exercised many skills that had once laid dormant. I had found my path and although I daydreamed what life would be like had I stuck with delivering babies (spoiler alert…..I’d still be in school) I was happy with my current path. But then the ability to be creative was stifled or maybe it was just harsh reality of the retail industry but soon I wasn’t so happy. I felt suffocated and created a blog to talk about fashion, to showcase what I made, to document what I wore since my daytime life didn’t need it. I began to feel better and the doldrums of a day job didn’t seem that bad.

Today, that single decision to start a blog and connect with millions of others brought forth another path that was always there just out of reach. Having a business of my own has become my driving force. As time went on I realized that some of the paths I was on didn’t align with the core things I wanted out of life with happiness being the main one. What I thought would make me happy no longer did and I what I thought I never wanted I craved. After a few early creative attempts, I founded Lower East Dry Goods. I’ve been mulling over what I want to look like for a few years now but as I better realize who I am,  I’m finding the business is too and it’s very exciting. Which brings us to Style Thirst. Although I’m no longer interested in going broke consuming every trendy item out and showcasing each one, I am interested in finding inspiration with every fashion week, each streetstyle snapshot, each trend that resonates with me, each inspiring person I connect with and I love having a journal to document it all. Style Thirst is where I house that inspiration, my consumption diary so to speak. Sometimes I’m inspired to buy, sometimes I’m driven to try new things, sometimes I’m inspired to be a snarky bitch and go on lengthy rant and sometimes I’m simply inspired to dream. Regardless of the outcome it’s all neatly compiled here under an ever growing list of categories.

Now that you’re aware I’m long winded,  you’re probably wondering exactly what it all means for you, the reader. What you won’t get here is an endless stream of expensive OOTD post. I shop at Target and H&M religiously and in my marriage I, the girl whose daily priorities were once shop, study, work, party, gossip, eat in that order, have somehow become the frugal one at times when socially speaking the wife would throw fiscal responsibility out the window. I love talking about trends but I’m not a slave to them. I love being by the water and taking pictures so lots of scenic imagery. I also love making things so DIYS are a must. I won’t commit to a blogging schedule and I can’t promise I won’t go dark for a short while but I will promise to come back invigorated and with a great story. This is the evolution of me and hopefully you’ll stick around to follow.

………..By the way my name is Megan

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