Tonya Ruiz’s Quarantine Barbies

Former model, Grandmother and toy designer Tonya Ruiz had a great question during the current pandemic…….What would Barbie do? Known for her realistic depictions of the out of touch persona on @Grandmagetsreal, it only made sense that Tonya would take her own experience during this new normal and those of others and create custom story lines for the iconic toy. Each depiction is spot on from the accessories to Barbie’s make up and wardrobe. Take a look below at her creations so far and let me know which one best suits your current mood.

“I’ve always wanted to make parody Barbies like I had seen on the Ellen show,” Tonya says. “She had funny realistic ones like Distracted Driver Barbie and Hoarder Barbie. When the quarantine started I saw a couple of funny ‘Pandemic Barbies’ – one was drinking wine, another had toilet paper and Clorox – I thought I should make a Realistic Curvy Barbie like me — wearing stretch pants and eating snacks.”

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