DIY Double Coin Knot Macrame Wall Hanging



Got cotton rope and cord?  Then you can make yourself a new piece of decor for the wall, counter, desk, headboard, mirror……pretty much wherever you fancy.




  • 3 30inch strands of cotton twist rope (pictured is 4.5mm 3 strand twist)
  • Gold Wire
  • Crystals/Beads/Findings (your choice)
  • Cotton Sash Cord
  • Wire Cutters/Multi-Tool
  • Craft/Fabric glue (optional)
  • Needle and thread (optional)


20200209_13190220200209_13274720200209_132951 (1)


The main focal for this creation is a double coin knot

  1. Measure and cut 3 strands of your cotton twist rope at 30in
  2. Keeping the 3 strands together make a loop  with equal length on either side
  3. Bring the left tail up to the center of the loop allowing it to cross over the loop
  4. Bring the right tail up to the center of the loop crossing over the left tail and under the loop
  5. Take the left tail and bring it under then over the loop created by the right tail
  6. Carefully adjust and tighten the knot ensuring the rope remains as flat as possible and there is enough tail on each side (the tails do not have to be of equal length)




  1. Once the knot is adjusted to your liking add your embellishments and simply knot the ends to keep from unraveling.  On the strands without beds make a simple knot as close to the beginning as possible.  Brush out the strands or leave unraveled




Next, we are going to add some gold wire and use a wrapping technique to conceal it

  1. Grab some gold wire and attach it to one side of your double coin knot.  I chose to add a piece of crystal quartz but you can use any bead or opt not to at all.
  2. Attach the wire to the other side and if needed reshape the wire
  3. Now take your cotton sash cord (I used about 40-50in but I am also always afraid to run out of cord during the project so I did have extra leftover) and, starting on the left side, take one end and create a loop with the longer end going under the wire.
  4. With that end you will now take the strand and pull it through the loop. Continue this process all the way around the gold wire until you get to the other side.
  5. Once you’ve finished wrapping, trim the excess on both sides.  Here is where you could add a dollop of glue to keep the wrap intact or even use a little thread to sew it together.  Your choice
  6. All that’s left is to display your hard work


  1. 20200209_153235

The best part of using the gold wire is now you can bend the figure to fit pretty much anywhere especially if you want it to hang off something like a large vase.  Either way, you now have a unique wall hanging/decorative object ready for anywhere in your home.


diy double coin macrame wall hanging

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