10 Good Reasons Why Tie Dye Should Be In Your Fashion Rotation


I love when childhood pastimes make a reappearance in my adult life.  Many of us remember that first time we were presented with dye, white t-shirts, and elastic bands.  Maybe it was at school or maybe during summer camp.  Simple instructions were given and our creativity was let loose until the supplies ran out or the teacher got tired.  This time around the grade school craft has matured and despite the last time you’ve encountered this pattern was probably in college worn by your roommate’s stoner boyfriend, you will definitely want to reconsider the trend for yourself. In case you need some persuading, here are 10 great street style shots that will help make the case.

tie-dye-outfits-256866-1525690587937-image.500x0curbanshootwomenshirt4tie-dye-outfits-256866-1525690586465-image.500x0crihanna in tie dye05-phil-oh-street-style-paris-couture-day-3415EKSOFILO7582a7286a604362b5e330274bc49636fashion-print-tie-dye-street-style-28moschino-logo-belt-black-all-saints-shirt-dress-tie-dye-navy-long-street-style-snapstie-dye-outfits-256866-1525690587095-image.500x0c


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