“Expanded Eye” Duo Explore New Artistic Expression With Painted Salvaged Wood


It’s always inspiring to see couples working together, involved in a mutual passion and expressing themselves through art.  Both my husband and I are somehow intertwined within the creative world and ultimately we see ourselves joining forces on a project that will keep us happy till the day we die.  Tattoo artists Jade Tomlinson and Kev James make up the art collective known as “Expanded Eye” based out of the UK.  Together they create geometric works of art usually found on peoples bodies.  Most recently, however, they have expanded their medium and began working with salvaged wood. When questioned about there new exploration by Collossal they said

“The aesthetic however is an exciting process of unconscious evolution, as the pieces grow and take shape by immersing ourselves in our studio full of reclaimed wood and found objects. Using [the] same visual language and symbols to depict stories and concepts but with skin comes limitations, as opposed to working with wood and large scale, you have boundless artistic freedom. Different mediums allow for different explorations.”



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Expanded eye

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