Sleeping Under The Northern Lights

The Great Escape Made Easy With This Stunning Icelandic Lodge

At one point in time, my husband and I used to dream of taking a trip to Iceland.  The local airport here offered up non-stop flights and Reykjavik seemed like a great place to party.  As time went on my fondness for the country grew and when thinking of the perfect place to disappear from the madness, Iceland was always top of the list.  The seclusion and closeness to nature is definitely something I still, currently crave and when I stumbled across this wood and glass chalet in  Hvalfjörður I was tempted to say fuck it and book the closest weekend available.

Smart Vacation Home in Iceland

Panorama Glass Lodge ViewsThe Glass House in IcelandPanorama Glass Lodge in Iceland


Situated right above a fjord and a 30-minute drive from Reykjavik, this one room private home offers panoramic views from the bedroom, comes equipped with a 2 person hot tub outside and has a fully functioning kitchen.

Panorama Glass Lodge ViewsQuaint Kitchen in the Panorama Glass Lodge - Iceland

Despite being built by ConHouse, known for their modern, modular smart homes, I’m sure the free wifi included will go unused.  If you’re better prepared then me to escape, check out the rates here and happy adventures.

Icelandic Panorama Glass LodgePanorama Glass House

Panorama-Glass-Lodge-3Panorama Glass Lodge


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Panorama Glass Lodge

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