So…About Your Floors

herringbone floors 14

For the last few months I have found myself binge watching home renovation shows regularly. I have my favorites, but just about any of them will do when it comes to background apartment noise. I love seeing the transformation at the end, I feel the range of emotions that the characters go through as their budget takes hit after hit because of unexpected problems and more importantly I really love shouting out my two cents at the TV with a couple of my friends or husband.

One of my biggest hang ups is the hardwood/carpet debate.  I can’t for the life of me understand why anyone would choose carpet of hardwood floors.  Sure the dense softness adds some warmth but after a few serious spills will your carpet take on the remaining stain and turn it into charming character?  No it will instead look pretty dingy and soon you’ll find yourself buying furniture to hide it or coughing up some cash to replace it.  Usually when the debate arises my best friend and I will search for amazing hardwood floors ideas and talk about what we would have chosen had it been our home.

During this last endless flooring search I came across herringbone wood floors and just about fell in love.  Every room in my fictitious modern bungalow on a cliff overlooking the water will have this flooring and just in case your not sold on this idea, here’s 14 amazing reasons why you should hop on the bandwagon.


herringbone floors 14herringbone floors 13herringbone floors 12herringbone floors 11herringbone floors 10herringbone floors 9herringbone floors 8GCG Architectes, rue Auguste Vacquerie, Paris, 75116, Franceherringbone floors 6herringbone floors 5herringbone floors 4herringbone floors 3herringbone floors 1herringbone floors 2

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