Breath Of Fresh Air

Baby’s breath is as synonymous to weddings as the words “I Do”. The virginal weed has managed to become the go to filler with hydrangeas in Pinterest worthy bouquets and the perfect pairing with tinted/clear/spray painted Ball mason jars. And if I have to be completely honest….I’m about as bored with the plant as I am with mason jars. However, I would have happily reconsidered it’s use in my very own wedding if a glimpse into the future presented Rodarte’s SS 2018 collection. 

The romantic rebel chicness of the clothing is only enhanced by the Mulleavy sister and Joseph Free’s wild and organic use of the plant.  Nothing is perfect, nothing is symmetrical. It’s almost like each model is an exotic wildflower herself growing freely in the untamed Parsian garden set inside an abandoned hospital (the location itself adds an extra dose of edge). The white frocks all scream offbeat bride and that overgrown baby’s breath bouquet fantastically being dragged behind is sheer perfection. To put is frankly…..this collection is giving me MAJOR  wedding redo fever.

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