Get Moving & Bring Your Handmade Goods Too

Let’s face it, nobody wants to add another monthly expense to their roster and paying two rents or entering into a rent/mortgage situation isn’t always ideal. For one it’s just plain expensive. Having a commercial location, especially in a highly visible location,  will not come cheap.  Plus you have all the expenses that usually go hand and hand with shelter (electricity, heat, water, internet….shall I go on). On top of that your target market won’t always be where you’re located which means paying for space that isn’t productive. 

Taking on the big hat of shop ownership isn’t an easy task and since it’s something I truly want in my lifetime I’m looking into all my options. Which brings me to mobile shops and the great idea that brings your handmade products to the people.

Now upfront costs with a mobile shop could be equal to a standard brick and mortar ($5-50k) but the monthly expenses may not. Plus you get the benefit of being as flexible with not only the presentation of your shop but you can create business hours that work for you and not have to worry about wasted rent. Better yet, imagine being present for every major fair in your state while still maintaining a consistent image and not paying for high booth fees.

There are a ton more considerations to think about when it comes to the platform you decide to sell your goods but let’s get to the fun stuff…..imagining what your mobile boutique could look like. I’ve rounded up some of most inspiring shops that have really confirmed my want of some off the beaten path.

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