6 Home Decor Trends Worth Your Time in 2017

2017 is destined to be memorable year thanks to politics and whether your excited, angry or just plain anxious now has never been a better time to upgrade your abode and create that perfect sanctuary you’ve always wanted. Below you’ll find 6 pretty awesome trends that may have a hint of nostalgia but are refreshing nonetheless.


Whether you go full blown and start painting the walls or investment in a leafy hued accent chair, green is a top choice color for home decor in 2017. 


A trend I can’t get enough of, texture is still a major player in 2017. If you haven’t learned to make one of those magnificent wall hangings yet or have been on the fence with purchasing one, nows the time.


This dynamic duo adds a certain level of sophistication to any room. Perfect for your bohemian living room or minimalist bedroom, whether you opt for a statement coffee table or discreet book ends, this winning combination is a great addition.


There’s a reason Etsy has remained such a powerful shopping destination and it’s not because we all think we can craft our way to happiness and wealth. Owning something handmade is unfortunately rare today with so much mass production and thankfully one major trend in 2017 brings craftsmanship in the limelight. No matter the size, adding a piece thsts carved, soldered or woven into your home is a definite must.


Of course your probably thinking flooring….and you’re not wrong. If you’re fortunate enough to be able to redo your living room floor in terracotta than I say go for it but for the rest of us who can’t, how do we bring this rustic element into our home? Sure we can do coasters but what about a handmade accent tray, or refinishing the top of an old wooden coffee table with an eclectic mix of terracotta tiles, or breaking a bunch of tiles and adding some depth to a floor length mirror. If you have the time and are feeling crafty the possibilities are kind of endless.


Cork is one of those materials that makes anything instantly cool, is pretty durable and at the same time is kind of a bitch to work with. Finding it on the trend list for 2017 isn’t surprising but do not be fooled into thinking jars of wine corks are what were talking about here. Think cork end tables, cork accent walls and perfect bedside ottoman/side table as pictured above. 


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