5 Style Takeaways From Coach 1941

Coach has come along way from the run-of-the-mill mall/outlet brand I’ve known it to be for quite some time. With their logo emblazoned on everything and tired bag silhouettes, I had just about given up on them. But then clothing started to pop up a few years ago and the caliper of the clothing upgraded the accessories. City girl cool became the aesthetic and I’ve been interested ever since. Straight out of the offices of NASA, this vintage inspired collection has a few shining stars worth mentioning…..5 to be exact.
ONE  Embroidered shearling is a thing

Although I wouldn’t recommend trying to embroider shearling as a DIY, it may not be a bad idea to snag a used one from good will and see if your local seamstress can work with you.

TWO Space…..The Final Frontier

Sure I’m referencing Star Trek and the theme of this style inspiration is NASA but it’s playing in the background. With 2017 shaping up to be quite controversial, Coach designer Stuart Vever’s nod to something as optimistic as space exploration is right on point.

 THREE Choose your identity 

Novelty tops and sweatshirts are still holding on to their spot amongst the fashion trends so if you haven’t snagged a particular favorite yet Vever’s collection suggests dinosaurs and ice cream as viable options. Even further, these icons are emblazoned on a part of the garment most used for the brands identity. Far from where Coach used to be, there logo was not seen anywhere on the face of the clothing.

FOUR Color me in yellow

 Although Pantone is calling a shade of green as 2017’s top color, Coach seems to have an opposing opinion. Rich shades of yellow…mustard, cheddar….we’re seen in just about every garment.

FIVE Never grow up 

Peter pan collars were on everything from shirts peeked out from under sweaters to ladylike dresses. The innocence of that detail mixed with the overall streetstyle approved vibe was interesting but considering Vever labeled this collection a culmination of the past few years the mash-up isn’t surprising. 


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