5 Style Takeaways From Erdem Pre-Fall 2017

There is serious inspiration in Erdem’s Pre-Fall collection but as the title suggests I’m only going to mention five. 

ONE  The return of the high-lo 

When the high-lo started popping up in stores, I came across it and was instantly turned off. Maybe it was the quality found in the stores I shopped or maybe it was my insecurities — I ran track throughout middle school and part of high school so my legs were built for speed not elegance — but I resisted the trend and have ever since. Gone are the stiff satin versions or whispy chiffon numbers typical of a bad homecoming nightmare or bridesmaid reality.  Something about the weight of the material Erdem used and the rich color makes me want to give this silhouette another shot

 TWO   Brocade Brocade Brocade

I’ve always had an affinity for brocade. The sheen, the texture, the vintage appeal…it reminds me of my grandparents home and my grandmother’s closet. She had some of the most elegant dresses that I would play in with her kitten heel pumps and strong perfume. Not that brocade was ever passe — in my eyes at least — but in this collection it has made a grand re-emergence.

THREE  Embellish your embellishments

Sequins alone are not enough. They should now be further adorned with intricate embroidery full of glittery threads and more sequins.

FOUR  Mix and match down to your tights

Mix your prints or match them just make sure to include your tights. Gone are the days of various denier black hosiery depending on the season or occasion, next year it will be about filling you lingerie drawer with stockings of plenty in multiple motifs.

FIVE  The trim store will be your best friend 

A simple piece of ribbon will be a very handy accessory. Whether its used as a necklace, a belt, a scarf or a simple adornment added to the strap of a dress get creative and don’t be left out.


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