Anna Dudzinska’s AW 2016 Collection

Not to sound cliche, but it’s getting cold outside. It’s that time of year where you actually have to have the fashion VS function internal conversation– or external if you talk to yourself in the fitting room like I do. My job is currently filled with lovely chunky knits and layering pieces that all would have great use in my wardrobe but I can’t say we carry anything as perfect as Anna Dudzinska’s AW Collection.

Based out of Poland, Dudzinska’s could be considered one the country’s most interesting designer with her trademark being hand knitted, woolen garments. For this collection– named “Naturel Thing”– she played heavily with texture, creating oversized pieces that act as a barrier from the elements we see in this season. One could imagine not needing a coat when walking the streets in her sweater and scarf combo.The colors chosen and and patterns created with the materials texture all give the collection and organic feel, like something handcrafted by mother nature herself.

(Images via Trendland)


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