10 Petillant Naturel Wines Under $30 

If you love a good hunt and limited quantities then you should know about Pet-Nat. Considered champagne’s hipper little sis…..think Saturday to Kate Spade or Free People to Anthropologie…..Petillant Natural (which translates to naturally sparkling) is a naturally  occurring sparkling wine that involves less steps than the more pretentious bubbly. Although the process itself is a much older method, it’s growing popularity is new. 

With champagne there are two fermentation processes. The initial fermentation that happens naturally thanks to yeast and sugars found in the grapes and then a second one that occurs when they introduce even more sugars and yeast. Another bigbstep with champagne is the filtering process to remove the unwanted sediments, a by product of the fermentation, which can dirty up champagne’s pristine reputation and look. On the contrary with pet-nat there is only one fermentation, the one that initially happens and is still happening when it is bottled. The process creates a gentle carbonation and because of the singular step the flavor is earthy and the wine itself unfiltered. This step, or lack of, is called the ancestral method and is nothing like refined champagne. But that’s the allure. 

Now thatnyou have way to much science on the topic lets get to the realmreasin Pets are so popular. The cost. Champagne is high maintenance and boy can she cost you a pretty penny. But Pet-Nat wants you to have fun. She gets life has expenses but it shouldn’t keep you from enjoying it. She also understands that a girls night in may require more than one bottle per attendee. Which is why most bottles won’t cost you more than $30. With that being said check below for 10 budget friendly options perfect for those celebratory dinners, girl’s night in and date nights.

Channing Daughters Rossi Long Island Petillant Naturel $27

Old Westminster Home Vineyard Maryland Albarino Petillant Naturel  $35

 Zanotto Rosso Col Fondo $20

 Oyster River Winegrowers Petillant Naturel  $16

Donatti Camillo Malvasia dell’Emilia Frizzante $20

 Domaine La Grange Tiphaine Montlouis-sur-Loire Nouveau Nez $25

 Jean-Pierre Robinot Les ‘Opera des Vins Les Anees Folles $27

Domaine Lise et Bertrand Jousset Montlouis-sur-Loire Bubulle Pet-Nat  $20

Puzelat-Bonhomme Petillant Naturel  $22

 Day Wines Mamacita! Mae’s Vineyard Applegate Valley Malvasia Petillant Naturel $29


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