5 Style Takeaways From Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2017

The Spring 2017 Collection from Dolce & Gabbana was by no stretch of the imagination lacking in inspiration. Despite the many style notes one could grab from each look, I have a few favorites.

ONE  A long, sequin, open front coat will change your life.

As soon as I saw this sequin coat I began imagining my life with it. wearing it everywhere. All the stares from people confused with why I would even want to wear it. Cursing it each and every time I get in and out of cloth seated car. In a very dramatic way my life felt complete.

TWO Sheer black is always a good idea 

I mean when is it ever not a good fashion choice. Whether it’s in the form of a great lace top with a minimal bra or a form fitting dress styled similar to the look above, it’s a classic combination that always feels fresh and is easy to duplicate at any price point.

THREE Applique like you mean it or go home

The amount embellishment in this collection and it’s DIY potential also made me feel complete.

FOUR Get your omega 3s 

I never would have put a fish and floral print together just like I never would have made a dress out of kitchen utensils but both turned out to be pretty spectacular so go ahead and try a print less traveled.

FIVE Don’t take yourself so seriously 

With a nod to the knock off game and a spin on their namesake this simple logo t-shirt paired with cocktail print pajamas and a floral headpiece only says one thing……in 2017 don’t take yourself too seriously.


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