Vintage Rugs Have Found A New Home

Twice a year a traveling sample sale of sorts comes to my neck of the woods with a surplus of finds from Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie and other token bohemian stores. I purposefully avoid the event out of fear I’d sell my first born for the whole lot but it doesn’t stop friends from buying on my behalf knowing I won’t be able to say no. On the last trip, I was gifted a beautiful woven rug infused with dusty shades of indigo, purples, oranges, pinks and neutrals. It was perfect and I immediately put in my kitchen for a touch of character. We live in a standard issue apartment with a speckled berber carpet and eggshell colored walls with poor natural lighting that has a way of taking the color out of the colorful items we bring in. Nonetheless my husband and I are determined to inject our home with as much personality as we can and the discounted rug was definitely a step on the right path. 

That was until my husband came home and after a week of cracking jokes insisted it just wasn’t right for us. He wasn’t a fan of the colors, didn’t care for the pattern and for some reason couldn’t understand why we needed an accent rug in the kitchen… just didn’t make sense and it was dangerous. I caved and brought it to my parents kitchen where it still lives on 2 years later. But I couldn’t help but feel slighted when I saw these inspiring images and read about the fall decor trend of vintage rugs in kitchens. Our household may not be able to partake in the fun but nothing is stopping you guys from refreshing yours with a bit of vintage charm.


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