Bomber Jacket Inspiration + 6 Insanely Affordable Options

Maybe it’s the year spent commuting to the city but I can no longer tolerate fussy clothing. I made a joke at my parents after being questioned whether or not I slept in my clothes or just decided to wear it again and I honestly answered I that I slept in them. I quickly followed stating that if couldn’t see myself sleeping comfortably in what I wore then it wasn’t right for my life. That was a few years ago but it still rings true today. Whether it’s catching a power nap on my commute home or attending a wedding, if it makes me fidget, readjust or itch I have an extreme urge to rip it off and watch it burn.

I would not want to, however, do that to a bomber. Effortless, versatile and packing the right amount of edge I just can’t get enough of them. So when I see the nostalgic topper making a constant appearance in streetstyle snapshots, I’m reminded exactly why I love it so much.

Whether classically styled or heavily embroidered, a bomber jacket could be one of the most versatile staples in your wardrobe. And if you’re like me and always looking for the next fix take a look at a few currently on my radar that not only impress but won’t run you over $50.

 A – Who What Wear 34.99

 B – Xhileration 29.99

C – Classic Short Bomber Jacket 29.99

D – Teal Embroidered Bomber Jacket 17.99

E – Floral Embroidered Reversible Bomber Jacket 35.99

F – Cat & Jack 24.99*

* I know it’s a kids jacket but I don’t care, I’d rock it


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