In The New Year I…..


Will learn that storing clothes at your parents does not equate to cleaning out a closet…..especially when the goods find there way back in my life somehow

Every year, actually every month I rummage through my closet pulling out the pieces that I’m just not so happy with or haven’t worn in a while. Usually it consists of me removing summer or winter clothes and bringing them to my parents where I store for a later date. Everything ends up back in my closet making my long nights of purging futile.

Over the years I have gone through phases of over buying and barely buying and if it wasn’t for those over buying phases I wouldn’t have had some of my favorite go to pieces in the times when shopping was the last thing on my list. Because of this, I find it difficult to let go of things. I take on the mentality of If I get rid of it now, what will I have later or I’m gonna wish I didn’t do this 2 years from now.

It’s this way of thinking that needs to change because I strongly believe that stunting your wardrobe can stunt your personal growth. If you are still wearing a dress from 10 years ago how can you truely feel any different than the first time your wore it. Sure nostalgia is great but as i get older and really hone in on who I want to be I’m only setting up road blocks for myself if I’m constantly wearing the past. New Year New Me

So with that mentality I was left with the task of discarding my old clothes permanently. Who knew that would be even more of a challenge than the act of purging itself. Currently I own a Subaru station wagon and it’s moments like this when I have 4 garbage bags of clothes that I need to get rid that I’m thankful for my practical car choice.

My initial thought process was to separate what could still be worth money, what’s in good condition but to common for resale and what should never see the light of day again. It was the bags with potential value that created the problem. Where in the world do I take it. These items aren’t high end designers so consignment didn’t really make sense. I’m personally and emotionally over eBay so I really didn’t want to go that route. I just wanted to get rid of the clothes immediately before I start trying to keep some of it and make a little cash.

Enter Plato’s Closet. It’s a secondhand store in my area that has been around for quite a few years and they pay you cash for your goods. Signs of wear, and off trend items aside they will take your goods for a fraction of what you paid and resell them. I meticulously went through my bag of potential value and really thought about what I was sending to them. I didn’t want to waste their time or mine.

Superga cow hide sneakers that never saw the outside Sell

PacSun style summer dresses with no rips or tears Sell

Australian brand cocktail dresses never worn (payment for writing for a few websites and sponsored posts) Sell

Broken in BDG jeans Donate

After brunch this past Saturday I dropped the clothes off and waited about 30 minutes before heading back in the store to see what the offer was.

Because of signs of wear and outdated styles we were unable to buy any of your clothing, it’s just not what we’re looking for right now

As she’s saying this I look around at the selection and realize clearly I’m in the wrong place. Worn Michael Kors logo sneakers, pink chukka Timberlands, Juicy Couture, broken in Abercrombie & Fitch jeans……maybe a brand list would have been more appropriate to hand me instead of the usual spiel about upscale and contemporary. You are not selling upscale and contemporary. I also watched as other clothing was being accepted and as the customer cashed out I saw jeans with frayed hems and used shoes. I couldn’t help but think that maybe if they too did a company purge and better defined their criteria for selecting goods, they wouldn’t have such overstock and their turnover wouldn’t be so poor.

But regardless this just meant the Subaru was left with bearing the load of my closet yet again. Where does a girl like me take unwanted clothing and make a little cash on the side? I’ve come to realize the answer is no where really. Businesses like Plato’s Closet originally started with such a great idea but let an influx of worn mall clothes dominate their inventory to the point of their demise. They are left with goods that really no one wants, at a time when retailers are lowering their prices drastically and you can find anything you want on the cheap online. Why but a used pair jeans from them when you can a brand new pair for $15.

This left me with only a few alternatives. The clothes deemed valuable will go to a family friends younger daughter and the other clothes to good will. They have served their purpose for me and in a way giving the clothes to someone who is ready to enjoy them makes me feel better than getting $40 for what was once $150+ bag of clothes.

The sneakers and Australian brand dresses will most likely end up in consignment since they are unworn and the bag of clothes that were pretty worn I will take to H&M for recycling. So with a refreshed closet only a few days away I am right on track to infuse my wardrobe with a little newness over the next couple of months. And because my life is on Pinterest you can checkout my Outfit Inspiration board HERE to see where I’m headed.


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