5 Style Takeaways From Miu Miu Spring 2016


As you know from my previous post I’m in desparate need of a work attire revamp. Unfortunately my weekend staples are becoming too staple and that half of the closet could also use some attention. With that being said, I’ve come to realize that I am a bit particular and just because it’s pretty and fabulous does not mean I’m interested. My clothing, dare I say it, has to be functional and comfortable. Of course fashionable goes without saying and I do like a bit of whimsy or fun whether that’s found in the print of the garment or verbage or color.  Bottom line…..it has to feel like me.

Now that does not mean I’m opposed to experimentation. Life isn’t worth living if you don’t take risks and what you choose to wear each day is the easiest place to start. Which is why I found Miu Miu’s Spring 2016 collection so appealing. It was made for the girl on her own path….a girl I would love to be. Now I can’t just hop to it this February and buy the whole lot but there are few key styling tips one can takeaway from the collection and reinvent with a budget.


ONEYour sheer layer belongs over your ensemble.

Much like how you would wear a rain slicker, throw that sheer layering piece over a button down and jeans. You’ve already paired a barely there lace dress over a body suit or, daring you, a bra and high-waisted panties so what’s it really to actually wear clothes under the layer?


TWO – Stop making all that scrap fabric twine and wrap some of those unwanted strips around you ballet flats. Just make sure to add leather for interest.

Being a huge supporter of the Ballerina Off Duty look, this idea seems pretty interesting and easy enough to recreate. If you are a lover of DIY like me you already have tons of scrap materials just lying around and trust me, you won’t be using all that twine you made 4 months ago when everyone else seemed to busy to make plans and you told everyone you had a lot to do as well but ended twisting fabric together onto handpainted spools while nursing a few bottles of wine and takeout thinking they would make great gifts for your friends and family…..


THREE – While your at it save some scraps to make an awesome fabric and feather necklace

The jewelry lover and DIY fanatic in me are both rejoicing over this idea. Not only does the feathers and glam trim scream statement party accessory but the idea of attaching it to scrap fabric and making it a tie on spells out dual purpose.


FOURRaccoon tails are back

It doesn’t surprise me either with all the hype surrounding fur poms hanging off bags and pom poms on clothing. Although a bit more Alaskan Bush people than fashion, clearly when done right this accessory can be impactful and tasteful. I’m thinking summer dress, flats and a thin belt with the tail swinging away in the breeze. Or even oversized sweater vest over dress under black leather motorcycle jacket but first belted with skinny belt and tail swing away in the breeze. Either way I’m excited to try it.


FIVEShoe charms

If you think for a second I don’t have a box full of pendants and other miscellaneous ornaments itching to be put to good use then you really don’t know me at all.


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