In The New Year I…..


…..will stop fucking around and actually dress like I work in fashion.

Last year I finally got that job I’ve been after in the big city and although it’s more of a stepping stone than something permanent , working in the city alone has been on my list of things to do for many years. So one would think that my obvious professional upgrade would have lent itself to a similar upgrade in my closet. Unfortunately this was not the case. My job responsibilities did not change much (since I’m pretty sure I did not mention it, I’m a visual merchandiser) and you can still find me getting dirty Monday thru Friday from either cleaning mannequins, unpacking new fixtures, digging through prop rooms or just navigating the areas a customer would never want to see.

Problem is I let this mentality stick going into this new job and one should always remember to dress for the job you want not the hb you have so new year means new work attire. Of course this doesn’t mean I can just charge up the credit cards (couldn’t even if I wanted  to since I don’t have any). I’m still a budget fashion is a do my purchases have to be wise and I really had to hone in on what exactly I was looking for. Enter my forever addiction Pinterest.


After spending some time combing through all the Internet had to offer in terms of inspiration I’ve come up with a few rules to work with…


All black everything…..well this is the dress code at work so it’s not like I have a choice
Sneakers, Boots or Loafers. I’m not only standing, running, walking climbing all day but things fall all the time
– Break way from leggings and most definitely cheap leggings. Not only do they lie about weight gain but in the end they don’t last a full season
– Dresses and skirts are not your enemy at work


A lot of this seems pretty elementary but since my job has been so labor intensive over these past years I’ve dressed more for the tasks at hand and saved my love of fashion for off duty hours. Nonetheless this year, I will do better.

For more work inspiration you can check out my Pinterest board here


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