DIY Fringe Tshirt


It was my first night of vacation, I had a great bottle of wine in my car, a 25% off purchase coupon to Michaels and the first thing that came to my mind was fringe tshirt. Sure it was 80 degrees that evening and 90 degrees the afternoon I took this picture.  Absolutely I wore this to do laundry at a laundromat where the only method for keeping it’s patrons cool was to turn off all the lights, open the doors and circulate hot air with the only fan. But none of that matters.  What does matter is I am on vacation, I can get back to spontaneous creativity and holy shit am I excited for Fall’s fringe and texture obsession.


I really just wanted a basic tshirt with a touch of texture that contrasted with the simplicity of cotton. The end result was this rather offensively fun top that I can’t wait to pair with leather pants and booties.


The process was pretty simple and in total only cost me $13, not including the wine, after I double downed on coupons at Michael’s (25% off entire purchase and a 40% single item) and could easily be free for those who already has a sturdy cotton tshirt and yarn handy.


– Yarn ( I used Isaac Mizrahi)
– Tshirt (I used a Gildan in adult size small so it could be a bit oversized)
– Scissors
– Fabric Pen (optional)
– Wine (not optional….this is a DIY for heavens sake)


– First lay you tshirt flat and decide on your pattern.  I chose to go in a diagonal line across the front but you can do as much or as little as you want.
– Once pattern had been established mark it off. I used beads to visually determine my pattern then completed the next steps free hand.

– Cut holes. I cut out V-shaped slits along a crease I created by pinching the fabric together and up….creating somewhat of a mound. This crease extended the full length of the pattern I wanted and made it easier to cut and ensure even spacing.

– Re flatten shirt

-Begin cutting yarn into 10-12 inch strips and put together in groups of 3 strands.

-Take one group of 3 and  fold in half

-Starting with the first 2 holes, take loop end of yarn push through first hole (right hole) and up through second hole (left hole).

– Now take tail side of yarn and pull through loop side and make knot

– Repeat steps starting with the left hole from your previous knot which will now serve as your first (right side) hole.


And now you’re on your way to awkward stares as onlookers question the sanity behind wearing a heavy tshirt in the middle of summer while a select few will nod as they know with fashion comes slight suffering.

Or you could just wait til it gets cooler…your choice.


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