Lulu & Co Spring 2015

Lulu_Co_014_1366 Lulu_Co_001_1366 Lulu_Co_003_1366 Lulu_Co_005_1366 Lulu_Co_006_1366 Lulu_Co_008_1366 Lulu_Co_012_1366 Lulu_Co_013_1366Because as an adult how else would you pay homage to your rave partying days? Why by incorporating modern psychedelic prints on 90s influenced pieces.  At least thats how Lulu Kennedy honored her years of hosting them in castles and warehouses in Naples.  With fashion viewing the world through Aquarius tinted glasses it makes complete sense that a few would tap into the underground culture.  Techno music has seen a complete resurgence over the past year or so and thanks to Tumblr the rave culture has been born again.  But younger generations aside, today’s original raver doesnt exactly still want to look like last night was a close call with bad acid.  Thankfully there’s Lulu & Co. and the Spring 2015 collection filled with bold colors and trippy prints offering you a modern twist on a unruly era without all the risk.


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