Age of Aquarius – Spring 2015 Fashion Trend Highlight


This is a huge year for me. I’ve started my dream job, my birthday this year is a major one and I am finally coming into my own. It now seem like the stars are completely in alignment because fashion this season is taking a cue from my zodiac sign and embracing the eclectic. So many designers opted to mix and match prints, overdose on bohemian touches and go back to an era of self expression. Knowing that my wardrobe will easily coincide with my personal feelings just reinforces the notion that this is my year.

And on a more touching note I implore all you to get in touch with yourselves and determine who you want to be. Trust me…fashion wants you too

valentino carven chanel Clover_Canyon_33_1366 Cynthia_Rowley_008_1366 delpozo delpozo2 Derek_Lam_10_Crosby_016_1366 dionlee driesvannoten DSQ_0249 Duro_Olowu_006_1366 Emma_Cook_027_1366 estabancortazar etro fashioneast fendi Gareth_Pugh_028_1366 giambattistavalli giambattistavalli2 houseofholland leonard libertine louisvuitton marahoffman marcbymarcjacobs marni mishanonoo MMM_0507 rodarte Saloni_021_1366 tracyreese tracyreese2 tsumorichisato tsumorichisato2


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