DIY Yarn Art


First and foremost Happy New Year everyone!!

With the new year comes a need to refocus and what better place to start than you abode. We’ve been up to a little redecorating of our own here at home and I’ve finally started collecting artwork for my gallery wall/creativity nook.

As the furniture was moved and nooks reorganized, I uncovered skeins of yarn that were procured through the summer for various reasons and with high expectations of becoming an expert knitter. Not wanting to see them go to waste, I thought to use them as art.




The concept is pretty simple and the end result is colorful and full of texture.

Picture frames


Dismantle your picture frame.

Cut at least a yard of the chosen yarn depending on the size of your frame.

Using the backing (or a piece of cardboard cut to fit in the frame if the guts aren’t sturdy enough), begin wrapping your yarn loosely around leaving a small tail to tie off at the end.

Once completely covered, take the leftover tail from the beginning and tie to the end tail.

Insert back into frame and display.


The possibilities are endless with this project. Outside of the countless color options, you can play around with texture, mix a few kinds of yarn together in one piece or wrap the yarn haphazardly around the guts to create an abstract effect.

A few crafting notes. Try not to wrap the yarn around the guts to tight to keep the cardboard from warping and don’t get discouraged if the backing doesn’t fit so snuggly into place. The yarn will add some thickness but with a bit of patience and a delicate hand you can secure it into place. If that doesn’t work consider taking a bit of wire and stapling it across the back at the top, center and bottom to keep the yarn in place.

With so much attention being placed on gallery walls and texture finding it’s way onto the top of the trend list for both fashion and home, this simple DIY is the perfect fit.


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