DIY Coconut Milk & Pink Himalayan Salt Bath


With all the stress associated with this time of the year, taking some time to decompress is not a good idea but probably essential to keeping a level head around all the people – work and family – you will be coming in contact with. For me it usually deals with a little bit of beading or crafting, time spent with my hubby and a stiff drink but after recent surge in out of town work trips and a slew of personal issues I found my mind couldn’t even comprehend the simplest of actions leaving me on edge 24/7. Enter my mom and her usual prime advice. She said to lock the door and take a long bath. Being the person that 8 am I couldn’t just sit in a tub of water so I looked up some great additives and landed on this amazing concoction.


The mixture of the coconut milk and pink salt is a simple and soothing one that will leave your skin extremely soft and your body relaxed. Coconut milk is rich in antioxidants, healthy fats and is also a gentle exfoliant. The pink salt is a detoxing agent, drawing out impurities deep within the pores. Combined, the bath is a rejuvenating experience.




Pink Himalayan Salt and Coconut Milk Bath Recipe

-1 can of coconut milk  (pure coconut milk with no additives)
-1 cup of pink himalayan salt

Pour both into running bath water (not too hot now) and enjoy.


The best part about this recipe is its made for sharing. I found these great bottle pictured from Hobby Lobby  and they cost me only $2.50 for the both of them however the milk jar would need a lid so another option would be best. Put them together in a beautiful basket with a hand written note or printed instruction card and hand it out to anyone who looks like they could use could use a bit of relaxation. This would be perfect for retail employed friends and family… me they will need it.

Anyway have a great weekend. It’s raining here and although my body wants to stay in bed I do believe I’m going to head out to IKEA.

Happy Saturday!!!


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