The Creativity Nook


It’s Monday morning and the first day of December which means you really only have 23 day left to get those presents purchased and wrapped, both tasks of which are no easy feat. Luckily I’ve been on the prowl for the last 5 months for some of the best DIY Gifts which are not only easy to do but most of them are gifts all you last minute shoppers can whip up the night before if you must.

As for the opening picture, the Hubby and I have been doing a bit of redecorating and I’ve been itching to do a gallery wall type presentation over my dresser with some of the jewelry I’ve made and others I’ve been given. I love the way it turned out especially since two of the smaller paintings I made….it’s kind of like my little creative nook to inspire me every morning. Which is why I chose to post it this morning.  It’s Monday and usually I’m feeling rather pessimistic about the week but waking up every day and seeing such beautiful, bright pieces of art has really begun to impact my mornings. I highly recommend creating your own positivity nook that you will encounter each day even if the feeling subsides once you step foot outside your door and into morning traffic.

Any who, see ya next post!


2 thoughts on “The Creativity Nook

  1. I love your nook! Looks inspiring and the little wooden guy seems to be cheering. 🙂
    Sounds like a good way to start the day, I usually look through my beads when I feel a little frustrated. Though that often has me buying more, so it might not be the best idea 😉


    1. Hi Laurien, first thanks for stopping by the website. I really try to cut down the amount of time I spend looking at my bead collection because it usually feels like I never have enough. Anywho, I highly recommend creating a small space that you will spend time in just about every morning that will help reenergize your spirits….even when it’s a Monday morning during the holiday season and you work in retail 🙂


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