Work Related 001 – DIY Pencil Garland

DIY Pencil Garland DIY Pencil Garland 001 DIY Pencil Garland 002

Here’s a snap shot of a project I worked on recently at work.  I know….children just got out of school but what would retail be if it wasn’t scarily ahead of the calender? Using some old books, a really cool locker I would love to take home and some No. 2 pencils I managed to squeeze this out.  The pencil garland was the most fun and surprisingly easy to do. It would be perfect for a classroom or a back to school party.  Better yet, why not decorate your reading nook or office with something a bit offbeat.




  • No.2 Pencils (how many is up to you)
  • Thin Twine or Mononfilament
  • Scissors
  • Xacto Blade


  1. Slowly remove eraser from pencil top and store
  2. Using an Xacto Blade, carefully pierce a small hole on either side of the metal top
  3. Once all of the pencils have been “holed” so to speak, begin stringing the pencils onto your twine or monofiliment
  4. When all of the pencils are on, cut the strand leaving atleast a 1 1/2 feet extra on either end
  5. Now you can hang your lovely garland where ever you want and let the praise pour in.  Once hanging replace the erasers or if you want you can leave it without them




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