Pore Cleansing Made Easy


Lets be honest , with it being summer and you having better things to do with your day than spend it inside in front of a mirror, you skin has probably exhausted its entire military force trying to get your attention.  At least I know mine has. From constant (and unprotected I’m sure) sun exposure, drastic changes in temperature and more than usual amounts of sweat, summer is probably the toughest season on your face.  But have no fear because in one simple step you can clear out those pores and get back to enjoying the best time of the year.  Just make sure to find a great lightweight moisturizer and your skin is guaranteed to call the war off.



-Don’t send back your plate from that fancy restaurant without throwing that garnish into your purse because come to find out it is actually good for something other than decoration.  Considered a mild astringent, this green leafy goodness can be submerged in a bowl of boiling hot water, left to swim around until it cools. Once its cooled off, a washcloth can be soaked in the water and then left to rest on your face for about 15 minutes.  I would highly suggest timing this while your toe nails are drying for optimal multitasking.  I mean a power nap with the ability to wake up with a clean face and fancy toes…nothing better.


-I never quite got how a single box of baking soda could detox my fridge but trust me when I tell you I never go without it.  Now I will have to grab a second box for my face since it also can work miracles on your skin.  With a 2 part baking soda and 1 part water mixture, the created paste can be gently applied to your face in circular  motion and then left on for about 5 minutes. Rinse off for more balanced, smooth skin.


-This cheery citrus has been getting a lot play in my life lately and I guess I will just get add one more benefit to the list of keeping a few in the chill drawer. Using one lemon cut in half, rub the fruit onto your face and again let the juices sit for about 5 minutes.  Rinse with warm water and head on out.


(image courtesy of Free People )



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