Wear Diary 013

Polka Dots and Short Shorts Street Style 1 Polka Dots and Short Shorts Street Style 2

Over the course of this last year I’ve managed to acquire a few pounds. I can’t say that I’m thrilled but at the same time I’m not trying every single diet under the sun.  My eating habits have changed drastically (damn you chocolate stout beers) and my usual amount of cardio has gone down a bit so I definitely see how it happened.  However…the pop of neon in this rather gray topic is that a few of my older purchases yet to be worn still fit.  These shorts happen to be of this group.  Purchased about a few months before my wedding, I fell in love with the slouchy-ness of the shorts, the fact that they were longer in the back than in the front keeping the cheeks in line and of course because they would work with all of my boots.  I never managed to squeeze them in to any regular wardrobe rotation and they were in the give away pile.  Thankfully I tried them on and although they don’t fit quite the same way I still rocked them this past weekend with another amazing find, the DKNY boxy top (only $15 people) with the most adorable polka dot print around.

In other news, I can’t stress enough how badly I am in need of a new hairstyle….I think its time to reunite with my wave iron until I my indecisiveness subsides.




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