The Frontiersmen – Paul & Joe


Just when you thought your summer activities were all planned out, vacations set and paid for, and your savings plan perfected for all those amazing Fall pieces you plan on buying, Parisian based fashion brand Paul & Joe had to go and fuck things up.




Partnered with textiles company Madura, the two have created a collection of linens and home accessories with two distinct personality traits.  First up you have a modern take on heritage prints like toile and paisley with the introduction of quirky hunting scenes in contrasting but warming colors to the black and white.  Round two offers you a bolder take on print composition with the mixture of tropical floral and cheetah prints against a navy pinstripe.


FA-Madura-Paul-Joe-010 FA-Madura-Paul-Joe-008 FA-Madura-Paul-Joe-011 FA-Madura-Paul-Joe-015 FA-Madura-Paul-Joe-017 FA-Madura-Paul-Joe-019

Both prints have a certain youthfulness to them synonymous with the namesake brand, pulls from the colors featured in the Fall 2014 collections and brings with it a heavy hand of the Parisian chicness we all love.  I can’t wait till the collection is available and don’t worry…the minute it hits I will update the post.


(images courtesy of Homebuildlife)


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