Final Lap

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Well Dov is out and the company we all fell in love with is doomed for change.  Although I still shout a bit at the cost of a t-shirt or pair of underwear, the provocation American Apparel causes just might be more lovable (Charney antics aside people) than those damn high-waisted disco pants. I mean, no other advertisement forced my dad to ask whats with the porn.


With a trend of shockingly low sales for the past couple of seasons and all around distaste for the basics brand’s leader, we all knew something was bound to give. So here’s to the brand that changed the world’s view of vertical integration, gave birth to a styling phenomenon and changed our perception of whats over priced for a white tank top. And if the new head honcho is looking for ideas, how about starting with those high-waisted disco pants… particular the lowering of the price.


Just saying


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