The Vegetarian Effect

Vegetable Wedding Centerpieces

Lets face it.  Outside of your dress, the other budget drainer for any planning bride will always be the flowers.  In season or out, single stem or lush arrangements, the cost quickly adds up and for many you are left with severe ultimatums like pretty pink peonies or open bar.  Even I dealt with such a mood killer after seeing what my beloved king protea wedding bouquet would total out to be.

But let it be known that a silver lining exists for the brave and determined.  Narrowing in on why the protea was so dear to my heart – a single bloom oozes more edge than a model off duty during fashion week – I discovered a close cousin to the distinguished plant and opted for a perfectly pink bromeliad as the star in my DIY bouquet.

With that adventurous spirit in mind and after spending an hour shopping for a very particular rabbit named Finn, it dawned on me that I could have really stepped out of the box with the other kind of fresh pickings from the garden.  Whether you opt for carrots, potatoes and kale or artichoke and cabbage, the end result will not only impress your guests expecting the usual but save you some serious cash.  Take a look at the inspiration below and make it a point to familiarize yourself with produce at your local grocery store or farmers market.

Another huge bonus to consider, if planned accordingly you will find it much easier to grow vegetables than most wedding flowers.

veggieplacecard asparagus-bouquetjpg-e1e58942c1990551 loveandlavender1 Vegetable_Centerpieces11 VEGETABLE-CENTERPIECE loveandlavender2 Vegetable_Centerpieces06 IMG_6694-e1290396431247 Artichokes and Table Numbers Vegetable-Wedding-Centerpieces Vegetable_Centerpieces08


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