Apartment Living


Lets be honest, at this point in many of our lives it’s looking like we’ll be renting till the end.  Home ownership, although easy to attain, doesn’t always work for everyone and the major overhead it comes with can be daunting to say the least.  But staying a renter for life doesn’t mean you have to skimp on home decor.  Since it’s not your own, putting holes in walls and painting could violate the lease and send you out on the streets. Enter this trending decor idea and the beginning of a new outlook on renting for those of us in love with the gallery wall concept.

jameslelandday14 save your walls by layering your artwork on the floor gallery wall on floor framed fashion artwork on floor framed artwork on floor in hallway collection of artwork displayed on floor artwork on floor at bottom of staircase framed artwork gallery wall on floor

Layering your framed artwork on the floor in random locations is the perfect way to infuse a bit of personality into your apartment without ruining the walls.  Although all that negative space between your floor and ceiling could use a bit of flair at least this way you’re compromising and saving yourself plenty of time upon moving touching up walls to get that hefty security deposit back.


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