DIY Semi Precious Stone Headband

DIY Semi Precious Stone Headband

So if you follow me on Instagram you know that this is not the much anticipated DIY to spawn from the Wedding In The Raw post.  I have not been defeated but merely looking for an amazing location to document the project.  But have no fear as that was not the only inspired DIY and now let me introduce you to said DIY.  One of the first images I spotted from this styled shoot was the one pictured above and the delicate semi precious stone headband Ivory and Beau decided to use.  I absolutely loved it and that love drove me to then have to make it.

String semi-precious chips on beading wire add your crimp bead DIY Beaded Headband DIY Beaded Headband Simple Beaded Headband DIYDIY Semi Precious Stone Headband Close Up

What To Buy:

  • Semi Precious Stone Chips
  • Elastic Hair Tie
  • Beading Wire
  • 2 Crimp Beads
  • Flat Nose Pliers or Crimping Tool
  • Beading Glue

Now Do This:

  1. First measure your head to determine the length of wire you will need plus 4 inches to make it easier for beading
  2. Slip a crimp bead on end of your beading wire, make a small loop around your elastic and then slip the wire end back through the crimp bead
  3. Holding steady to make sure you don’t loose the loop, slide the crimp bead close to the elastic, add a dollop of glue and then flatten the crimp bead with your pliers (or use your crimping tool)
  4. Trim excess wire
  5. Begin beading your chips onto the wire
  6. With about 2 inches left slide on your last crimp bead and repeat steps 2-4
  7. Now rock out with your new accessory.


On a complete side note, I could really benefit from a manicure.  All the tooling throughout my work day has definitely taken a toll on my digits.  But any who happy hump day!!



2 thoughts on “DIY Semi Precious Stone Headband

    1. Thanks for stopping by my blog Khasi and I’m so glad you like the DIY. I will definitely check out your blog and if you do happen to give the beaded headband a whirl don’t forget to send a pic so I can post it!!


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