Budget Luxe – DIY Semi Precious Stone Box

DIY Semi Precios Stone Jewelry Box

I’ve been obsessed with anything stone related from agate print fabric to stone embellished furniture to plain old concrete really.  Having finally gone through all the excess decor bought on a whim for the wedding, I came across a few semi precious tidbits that weren’t swooped up the guests from the centerpieces and knew I had to use them before my hubby started questioning why we had more loose rocks inside rather than outside our front door.  After coming across a few websites selling decorative boxes with stone accents and being taken aback by the cost, I realized the leftover stones had a clear and definite future.

DIY Semi Precious Stone Box DIY Semi Precious Stone Box

In as little as 1, 2, 3 I managed to transform a few basic pieces into a wonderful pop of color for my dresser.  Check out the easy steps below and here’s to adding a bit of natural charm to your abode.

DIY Semi Precious Stone Box DIY Semi Precious Stone Box DIY Semi Precious Stone Box DIY Semi Precious Stone Box DIY Semi Precious Stone Box


  • Wood box with lid or small vintage dresser drawer
  • Spray paint
  • E6000
  • Semi Precious Stones or personal favorite rocks
  • Toothpick


  • Gather your supplies in a well ventilated area
  • Spray paint your box/drawer remembering to place a toothpick between the lid and box to keep it from sticking shut as it dries
  • Once it dries completely add a dollop of E6000 on to the stone and place on the box
  • Let dry completely and then place in a prime location for ample viewing.

The process is the same if you choose to use a vintage dresser drawer only you will have to stand the drawer on its side to allow the stone to set. Also with mother’s day just around the corner this would make a great gift accompanied by a handmade piece of jewelry.


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