DIY Vanessa Mooney Leg Chain

DIY Vanessa Mooney Leg Chain

I’m not sure about you but I’m a huge lover of harness jewelry.  In fact one of my very first pieces sold back in 2010 was  a silver chain harness necklace for the TLDP when the jewelry was name Naughty Baubles. So it should come as no surprise that once I saw Vanessa Mooney’s Leg Chain my need for one trumped every other responsibility that day.

legchain6 legchain4

The concept is extremely easy and if you run to the store this week I’m confident you will have an amazing piece in time for the first day of Coachella.  Don’t have a craft store near by, check out Lower East Dry Goods for the DIY Kit but hurry, I only have one up for grabs.




  • Gather 2 different kinds of chain, 2 clasps and some good pliers and wire cutters
  • Wrap the chain around your leg – above your knee and above your ankle
  • Cut where the chain meets making sure to add a little room for the clasps. I added spacer charms to my pieces which is completely optional.
  • Attach the clasps to the measured chain and put on
  • Take the second chain and use to measure between the two leg bracelets
  • Cut and attach

Remember that the leg bracelet above the knee needs to fit a bit snug to prevent it from sliding off when standing.  If you’ve got the perfect, comfortable fit then head out and rock it.  Just get used to the intrigued stares.

legchain3 diylegchain7 legchain5


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