Seasonal Simplicity


Once upon a time I thought the Long Island was the easiest drink to order at a bar.  It’s a popular choice, features enough liquor to keep you going for a while and has to be one of the first drinks you learn at mixology school or on the job.  After several ( and I mean several) horribly unique versions of this classic drink I moved on to another New York inspired drink, the Manhattan. I have yet to come across a poorly made version and during the brisk winter months this drink keeps the chill from reaching bones.  However, the weather is getting reasonably nicer and I need something a bit lighter to order that is simple enough to yell out the directions in a crowded bar when I get that “ummm that’s not on my list of drinks” stare from the bartender. Don’t you just hate that look?


Anywho, enter the Blinker and it’s three ingredients including the currently in season grapefruit. You can never go wrong with whiskey (says the self-proclaimed whiskey girl) and drinking grapefruit juice is something of a daily habit of mine since it helps speed up your metabolism. So not only am getting a drink with a strong liquor base but its going to help me burn off those amazing tapas I just ate.  Talk about a win win situation.  Check out the recipe below and happy Hump Day.



2 ounces rye whiskey
1 ounce freshly squeezed grapefruit juice
1 teaspoon raspberry syrup
Twist of lemon peel or fresh raspberry skewer for garnish

Fill a cocktail shaker halfway with ice. Add the rye, grapefruit juice and raspberry syrup. Shake well, then double strain into a chilled cocktail (martini) glass. Garnish with the twist of lemon peel.


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