Graphic Living

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Through my eyes the world is anything but black and white but for some reason the graphic color combination resonates within me so deeply.  I love pairing the two polar opposites in fashion so why not at home?  Surprisingly the combination is one of this years top home decor trends. Despite the two usually conjuring up a cold and more modern vibe, this time around the mix is quite warm thanks to a softer shade of black and I’ve found quite a few of inspiring snapshots that airs on the side of bohemian which hits closer to home for me.  Check out the pictures below and here’s to being inspired on a Tuesday morning.

den fireplace futon gray wall harlequin gray white rug netural colors cococozy cow-hide-black-and-white-sofa-room-accents-living-eclectic-home-decor-ideas black-and-white-swedish-apartment-interior-inspiration_1 contemporary-home-decor-decorating-ideas-modern-modern-wall-lamp-gray-sectional-black-trim-plus-elegant-black-and-white-stripe-curtain-and-contemporary-wooden-table-furniture Eclectic-kids-bedroom-with-fashionable-prints-in-black-and-white  black-white-decor-Danish-apartment-patterns-in-home-interior-decorating-9 black-and-white-bedroom-decor graphic-house-interior Luxury-Country-House-With-An-Eclectic-Interior-with-white-black-bed-pillow-blanket-nighstand-chandelier-dresser-mirror-window-curtain-carpet-and-wooden-ceiling-and-ceramic-floor-554x300 82be3__Lovely-use-of-wall-art-and-geometric-patterns-in-the-living-room 9bccbaa88fbf3c70f4d28e9196eed1b7 12feb5e18853fea17f45133c2b44a6f9 office-workspace-innovative-stylish-teen-workspaces-futuristic-attractive-teenage-workspace-in-black-white-decor_f5740 url Rustic-eclectic-living-space-with-White-Small-Sofa-Furniture photo-1


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