High Noon Casual

bomber-midi-skirt-street-style black-spool-heels-with-long-skirt 219294_980 Favorite-Women-Midi-Skirt-Combinations-With-The-Right-Tips flower.dress.plain.white.dress.shirt.street.style STOCKHOLM-STREET-STYLE-FASHION-WEEK-FALL-WINTER-2012-METALLIC-PLEATED-SKIRT-BLACK-TIGHTS-MIU-MIU-LACE-UP-ANKLE-BOOTS-DENIM-JEAN-JACKET-BLACK-FUR-STOLE- london-fashion-week-street-style-1 bc89647d72c9ad90612461d1b8b0ae77 tumblr_lf6sszaHNK1qelgn5 3_dressed-down-midi-skirt 29 sun-mrn-blog-midi-skirt-street-style-5 tea-length-version-spotted-London-over-Spring-2012-Fashion-Week hbz-street-style-trend-midi-skirt-001-sm-333x500 P1011801 marykate steinmiller 7

There is something truly appealing with tea length skirts and being from a certain group who’ve viewed this trend as unattainable I will be the first to tell you not to knock it before you actually give it a whirl.  Having run track for so many years my legs have developed an athletic silhouette once described as too contradictory for such a feminine article of clothing.  Years I’ve lived with this notion until recently when a friend decided that would be the length I would have to wear in her wedding.  I cringed silently hoping, like me and all other brides, her decision would change at least twelve times before the actual big day.  Nonetheless the day came when I was forced to try it on and to my surprise it worked.  My muscular calves were given a more dainty silhouette and if sat high on my waist, the over all appearance was extremely flattering.

That was a few years ago and ever since then my wardrobe has experienced a severe need of this length.  If you once fell within the same train of thought consider today an experimental day and give this length a good, thorough shot. Although the fancier side of this trend is preferred by most, I’m particularly fond of the casual side with a little less volume.  Either way its a great transitional length from winter to spring and into summer depending on the material so that at least a good six months of wear which is far more than you can say for that investment coat you splurged on….


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