Hot Like Lava



Out of the rubble from WWII who could have guessed such a gorgeous art form would have emerged.  Stemming from the influential Bauhaus  Design School, West German lava pottery has proven its tenacity with it’s still current popularity.  Sometimes referred to as fat lava, the uniqueness of this pottery can be seen in its textural coloring, creative patterns and thick glaze.  Dating this ceramic style can be pretty easy as each decade brought something new to the table.  The 50s brought about sleek lines to contrast the geometric shapes seen within Art Deco. The 60s offered up bold color choices like orange and red.  But what didn’t change was its relevance and that kind of vitality could explain why Derek Lam chose this particular ceramic as the starting inspiration for his 10 Crosby Derek Lam Fall 2014 collection.  Regardless of why it was chosen, I’m glad he chose it because I couldn’t help lusting over the texture found in each piece that was shown.

PicMonkey Collage

Nonetheless, I was left inspired to inject a bit of the artistic ceramics into my home since that lovely deep amethyst and rich blue coat is so far out of my budget right now.  Take a look below at some inspiring home decor ideas and here’s to a rewarding ceramic hunt.

red-europa-vase-001 8444491754_66e8e943fe_z dans-pottery-1 copy fatlavagroup 11 DSC04356-copy crop1sm


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