Sunda-spiration 002

Beyonce-Tumblr-Topshop-Metallic-Crop-Top-Heidi-Braid tumblr_ltt2jjmlSE1r2cqiio1_500 metal-1_1280x800

michael-stonis_ben-trovato-intro tumblr_n0a0p4wq9x1rqgjz2o1_1280 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA fbab57388b4f9df28aa6b1c5e2ed1508 tumblr_mmur7txCpZ1r6b7x8o1_1280 beyonce-tumblr tumblr_mbj9k9Hd1e1r5vyhko1_500 tumblr_lki4l0A8eP1qb0ytko1_500 article-2535524-1A6A900900000578-565_634x628 winter-trend-alert-metallic-jewelry--large-msg-135491312889 tumblr_m3dv7vzyp81rqtw44o1_500 284500901430379642_d68O6CdO

nbaubles 848 Beyonce-Tumblr-Topshop-Cropped-Metallic-Top-Rose-Gold-Mini-Skirt tumblr_m6bnummJtF1qcibblo1_5001

According to my April issue of Cosmo, I need a mantra to aid in my success and since I happen to agree here’s mine:

What would Beyonce Do?

I already feel empowered

Happy Sunday peeps!!


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